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Honeydew Massage Oil

Honeydew Massage Oil

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Our Vanilla Massage Oil can be used for Massage Therapy, gives a sensual feeling for Couples and individuals who love Aromatherapy.

Made from Almond & Coconut Oil for Powerful Skin Care Benefits - Therapeutic Relief Couples Gift


  • Couples Massage Oil - Slip into bliss with our moisturizing body oil for dry skin formulated to promote desire relaxation serenity and mood while hydrating skin for anti aging skin care benefits
  • Flavored Massage Oil - Delicious vanilla body oil for a tantalizing deep tissue massage We designed this body massage oil to glide onto skin smoothly leaving your body kissably soft and irresistible
  • Therapeutic Oil Blend - Prepare for serious pampering and experience the difference with our specially crafted oil blend for skin to renew and moisturize dry skin while relaxing you from head to toe
  • Natural Massage Oil - 100% pure jojoba oil for skin hydration sweet almond oil for skin balance and coconut oil for skin health are uniquely blended to elevate your massage experience
  • Honeydew Quality - Enjoy our non-greasy oils alone or with a partner designed to heighten senses and get things going Count on Honeydew for natural pure feel-good and guilt-free ingredients

Our 3 in 1 massage oil soothes and relaxes mood and muscles, while at the same time acting as a natural aphrodisiac to stimulate sexual arousal for a night of flirtation and fun. Delicious Vanilla flavored massage oil is edible making it the perfect love potion to enhance intimacy. 

This oil is not just a sexual wellness product, it also has intense skin care benefits as well. A massage oil with the perfect consistency, the emollient formula allows your hands to effortlessly glide up and down your partner’s body to calm and relax your lover and set the mood. Plant and nut oils provide the body with healing nutrients to repair the skin. Anti-aging oils help smooth cellulite bumps and prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming. 

Detox and tone skin and muscles while preventing fine lines, wrinkles, stretchmarks and scars for irresistibly smooth and silky skin. All natural ingredients are hypoallergenic and won’t irritate skin. Our erotic massage oil is low viscosity making it non-greasy and non-sticky for a long lasting massage experience you both will love. The delicious vanilla fragrance and flavor leaves you smelling, and tasting delicious. 

Our skin softening formula helps relieve muscle tension and release aches and pains for a healthy and relaxed muscles. All natural massage oi is chemical free, paraben free, preservative free, dye free, and cruelty free. It is made in a center that exceeds cGMP standards and backed by a 100% money back guarantee. Honeydew Confectionary Delight Vanilla Cream Massage Oil Delightful Vanilla Flavored Massage Oil Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Antioxidant Vitamin E Powerful Aphrodisiac Benefits Soothe Stress and Back Pain Promote Rest and Relaxation Erotic Edible Massage Oil Uplift Mood Anti-Aging Skin Benefits Low Viscosity Formula is Non-Greasy

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