How i Met my Mom's BF

How i Met my Mom's BF

Before this whole covid thing, my mom celebrated her 38th birthday and all her friends partied with us. 

That day was hilarious, a house party filled will young adults and some old people. i was forced to be at the party because she is my mom. 

"i wish to spend the rest of my life happier", and then the candle lights went off from the breeze coming from my mom's blow. Then everybody started chatting, dancing and drinking themselves to jupiter :-)

"Helo, i'm Roy and nice to meet you", I never knew he was talking to me. In my reply "Hey, in Sarah nice to meet you too.

"Roy: Are you having fun yet ?
Sarah: I guess, these are not my kind of people.
Roy: Do you mean your mom isn't your type of person ?
Sarah: How did you know she's my mom ?
Roy: Of Course you guys look alike..
Sarah: Oh really, smiles..
Roy: Yes, how old are you ?
Sarah: i'm 24 this June and you ?
Roy: I just turned 39 last month
Sarah: Oh wow, you really look younger than 39. 
Roy: Thank you, so what are you up to ? it's a lil bit noisy in here, do you wanna sit somewhere and talk ?
Sarah: Sure, i was heading to my room upstairs
Roy: can i join you ?
Sarah: Oh no! i rather be alone
Roy: Common, it's your mom's birthday party. You don't wanna be alone by yourself while the party is going on.
Sarah: I don't want my mom seeing me with a random person in my room.
Roy: She's busy with them girls besides we'll just be talking and nothing else
Sarah: Okay, sure..."

we both went to my room and unfortunately i have no seat, it was just my bed and then the TV. I sat on my bed and seeing him standing, i invited him to come sit with me and apologized for no chair. 

In about 15 mins of conversation, Roy was steadily diverting the conversation to a sexual talk. I kept avoiding this talks until he started feeling guilty.

Roy: Oh thanks alot for your company, i see you're not very comfortable. If you don't mind i'll leave now.
Sarah: No it's fine, you can stay as long as you want, i'm really enjoying not being alone.


He came back to the bed with more comfort and sat very close to me, i could resist because his cologne was so nice. As the conversation went on Roy started touching my laps, at that point i was all wet about to go crazy. 

I was confused, as he looked directly into my eyes. That was when i couldn't resist anymore. I started kissing him and romancing his d*ck. 

in just about 3 mins of makeout, i was all naked and wet! He pulled out his d*ck but in my brains i didn't want him to just have a taste of me like that. 

I refused to have sex with him, i was shocked by the level of gentleman in him when he understood and said no worries and withdrew his dick back.

This attitude turned me the f*ck on, and i rushed him and we had an amazing freaky sex! he f*cked me and f*cked me until he came!

i'm really not a cum fast person. He immediately decided to rush downstairs before someone catches us. 

That was when i took out this Queen rotating thrust which i bought from this sextoy store . It's a vibrating and thrusting dildo which i have always used to make myself feel good.

I plugged it in and started digging my wet p*ssy, i was moaning silently to avoid any distraction. The toy thrusted and thrusted in me until a fountain of squirt filled my whole room. 

I was still naked when i hear "Knock Knock" on my door, and then my door opened wide on me!

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