How I took my sex life to the next level

How I took my sex life to the next level

How I took my sex life to the next level

My boyfriend (23m) and I (22f) have been together for a half a year now, we’ve talked about spicing up our sex life and trying new things.

He wanted to try anal so we gave that a go but it was way too painful. After some research we found out that we were supposed to progress towards it and not just go full send.

How I took my sex life to the next level

Determined to try again we got ourselves Inflatable Anal Vibrator now we have anal sex all the time and it drives him insane. He’s never cum this much before, and he says he loves to cum inside me without having to worry about a pregnancy scare.

Another thing that I told him I wanted to try was being eaten out. I told him that I’ve never had anyone eat me out before because I was too nervous.

Honestly, I’m a little scared, what if it doesn’t feel good or what if it feels too good and that’s all I want from then on?

After overthinking for so long I wanted to try for myself and went and bought the Satisfyer Pro 2. It changed my sex life forever. I even squirted for the first time.

I have never squirted in my life before! The feeling was incredible. Since then, my sex drive has been insane my boyfriend has even noticed the change and loves how spicy our sex has become.

I was scared to tell him about my new purchase and addiction but once I showed him, he thought it was so sexy and now it’s become almost an essential toy in our daily sex and has made us so much stronger as a couple. Sex has never been better.

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