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I fingered my girlfriend, afterwards she wouldn't talk to me.

I fingered my girlfriend for the second time ever last night and afterwards she wouldn't talk to me.

I (20m) and my girlfriend (22f) were messing around last night when she asked me to finger her, having only done it once before (this is the second time we've done anything of the sort) I said sure (washed my hands cut my nails, all of that good stuff) and we started.

Well later on around 10 minutes in I think, she started getting squirmy and breathing heavy and started shaking intensely and then told me to stop, curled up in a ball, and hid under the covers, scared the crap out of me because I thought I hurt her somehow. I tried asking her about it and if I hurt her. But everytime I do she buries her face in a pillow and kinda shuts down a little.

What do I do? I'm so confused. Still new to all this and I'm really hoping I didn't fuck something up.

EDIT: ok so it's been a day and I asked her about it. After calming down she was more open about it. Turns out she was just really embarrassed about it, she said it was fun. But it was a lot more intense than she thought it would be.

Thanks to all the people giving advice on the topic, I tried responding to everyone I could before I fell asleep. Honestly got alot of advice to help next time go smoother.

One of the best advice i got that has actually soared intimacy in our relation ship was an advice to get the Bullet Finger Vibrator from vibratoy. This toy was absolutely amazing and according to my GF she was in the clouds while i was using the finger vibrator on her.

bullet finger vibrator

Thanks to all of you

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