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20 Vibration Mode Magic Wand

20 Vibration Mode Magic Wand

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20 Vibration Mode Magic Wand


❤ Scrub the "toy" by 75% medical alcohol or sterilize disinfectant before use. 

❤ Coat a proper amount of lubricant to the product. It is recommended to using with condom together; 

❤Insert into the body until the climax. 

20 Vibration Mode Magic Wand


❤ After use, the "toy" has a large number of secretions and lubricant residue. 

It will easily breed bacteria if you do not clean it for a long time. So please clean your "toy" immediately after use. 

❤ When you clean the "toy", please do not split water between the switch and power supply jacket. 

Just use your fingers and water to wipe, do not use a brush or acid cleaner. 

❤ After washing, wipe with a dry cotton cloth is recommended, high-quality tissue is also a good choice. 

Wipe the water, dry naturally and avoid exposure to the sun! 

❤ Finally, you can use special cleaning liquid or diluted alcohol (75%) to disinfect, or you can sprinkle some talcum powder for storage. 

You can use velvet bag or dust bag to store it. Keep it in a cool and dry place.

20 Vibration Mode Magic Wand


  • Modes: 20 vibration modes
  • Size: 200 * 45mm
  • Power: USB Rechargeable vibrator
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